Knowji is Emmie’s brainchild, and she is co-designer of Knowji’s learning algorithm. Emmie is passionate about education and loves learning and design. Through Knowji she is able to combine her interests, passions and work experience, and build something she is proud of. She feels strongly that we must love what we do, and a part of that love for her comes from doing something that makes a difference in another person’s life. Whenever she is asked how she comes up with so many ideas, she tells people that all they have to do is to look around for things they are dissatisfied with, then start looking for a solution.

Coming from an immigrant family who had to learn the English language, vocabulary development is an area of education that she feels is much overlooked. Without a sufficiently large vocabulary, reading comprehension is nearly impossible, and as a result, many people with a smaller vocabulary are discouraged from reading. Without cultivating a habit of reading, one’s ability to write and speak cogently is significantly hampered, and our brains miss the area of development that trains us to organize and structure our thoughts in a meaningful way.

In an ever increasingly collaborative world, how can one afford not to have the vocabulary necessary to be a great communicator?

Prior to founding Knowji, Emmie worked for Oracle and Palm where she was responsible for multi-million dollar major account sales and business development. She was the founder of Tega Sports, an innovative sports accessory company. Emmie holds a degree in business from New York University.

Nick is co-designer of Knowji’s learning algorithm, and is responsible for all technology development.  Prior to contributing to Knowji’s success, Nick held senior development roles at Oracle and Tellme Networks. While at Tellme, he built the world’s first VoiceXML movie ticketing app (1-800-FANDANGO) and the world’s first VoiceXML stock trading app (E*TRADE).

Nick is equally adept at right-brain creative work as he is at logic-driven engineering work.  As a sound designer on Tellme’s audio branding consultation team, he played a part in defining the sound of some of the world’s most recognizable brands. He composed audio logos, created sound design, directed and recorded voice talent, and wrote creative briefs for Amazon, American Airlines, American Express, AT&T Wireless, FedEx, and Wells Fargo.  As a video production specialist at Google, he made key contributions in the technical effort to scale Google’s Tech Talks program to thousands of talks a year.  While at PDI/DreamWorks, Nick used his technical writing skills to bring animators rapidly up to speed in the use of PDI/DreamWorks’s proprietary 3D lighting and shading software. He trained animators on feature-length animation productions, and is credited in the movies Shrek and Antz.

Nick holds an honors degree in information technology from De Montfort University.