iOS 7 and Knowji Vocabulary Apps

With the news that Apple launched iOS 7 today, we wanted to let you know that we’ve been testing our vocabulary apps on iOS 7 for the past several weeks and we’re happy to say that all our existing apps will work just fine on iOS 7! When you update to iOS 7 and run our apps, they will look and work just like they did on iOS 6. So you shouldn’t encounter any issues at all.

In related news, we’ve been hard at work for some time on version 2 of our apps, and when we started working with iOS 7 we took the chance to make version 2 work natively on iOS 7. This means version 2 of our apps will take on the look and feel of iOS 7. The results look great!

We expect to have version 2 of our apps in the App Store in October, and they will be free for all existing version 1 users!

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