Knowji releases iOS 7 designed vocabulary apps

We’re pleased to announce the release of version 2 of our apps. Redesigned for iOS 7 they come with a brand new quiz feature, enhanced content (including new etymology data), improvements in the learning algorithm, and many smaller enhancements and fixes. In addition, we’ve aligned several of our apps with the Common Core State Standards adding many roots and affixes to our word content. We’ve worked hard on this update to make sure it is every bit the top quality you’ve come to expect from Knowji. We think you’ll be thrilled with it.

Getting the design right for iOS 7 wasn’t easy though…

We had almost completed version 2 when Apple made iOS 7 available to developers. We decided rather than launch version 2 and then update it to iOS 7 it made more sense to roll all the work into one update. The problem was that iOS 7 is the biggest update to iOS since the iPhone was released, and whereas porting to iOS 4, 5, and 6 was a relatively easy task, iOS 7 was more challenging. In fact, when we first saw our apps on iOS 7, everything in the UI was broken! Windows were lying underneath the status bar or navigation bars, colors looked terrible, and enormous empty spaces appeared at the bottom of every screen. It was clear we had some work on our hands.

What inspired us was how great Apple’s apps looked on iOS 7. So we rolled up our sleeves and dived in. Once we had fixed the initial problems, and our apps were displaying correctly, we decided to revisit every single screen in the app seeing if we could make it look as good as Apple had made their apps look. We painstakingly worked on every detail, sometimes it felt like almost every pixel, making sure to get every detail perfect. We introduced high-resolution icons and images, much crisper fonts, brighter and more fun colors, and removed beveled effects to fall inline with the look and feel of iOS 7. We adjusted the lesson lists and word lists to have better spacing, and we even went through all the word and lesson images altering colors to make them feel brighter and more fun. We totally revamped the settings menu, and improved all the sound effects in the apps.

In the end it was a lot of work. We changed every single part of the app interface. So once we were done, we had to test everything very carefully to make sure we hadn’t broken anything. The reward though is seeing our apps take a big step up in design quality. They really look great, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done. Our apps don’t boast fancy animation as we’re not convinced of its effectiveness for certain types of learning. We try to keep our apps as simple as possible so learners can start learning quickly and easily. With the changes for iOS 7 we’ve taken this idea further, reducing UI clutter, while elevating the quality of the design.

If you’re on iOS 5 or iOS 6, don’t worry, we didn’t leave you out. You’ll still see an improvement in the design of your apps, with better layout and clearer fonts. No matter which version of iOS you are running, or which device you have, we think you’ll be very happy with the cleaner design of version 2.

We’ve included screenshots below so you can see the improvements we’ve made in version 2. It’s a free update to all existing users.

IMPORTANT: Please rate and review the new version. Having plenty of ratings and reviews helps our apps get discovered by more App Store users. Thank you!

Version 2 requires Apple iOS 5.0 and later (iPhone® / iPod Touch® / iPad®)

iOS 7 design vs iOS 6 design

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