Knowji Selected to Represent Flagship Vocabulary Apps at KOTRA 2014


Palo Alto, CA (January 10, 2014) – Knowji, Inc., a vocabulary development leader and education technology company, today announced it is one of 10 exclusive U.S. startups selected by KOTRA (Korean Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) to attend the 2014 Global Startup Vision Conference in Seoul, Korea from January 10-11, with travel expenses paid for by KOTRA. The conference provides startup entrepreneurs first-hand exposure to one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and the opportunity to meet with investors and exhibit their products.

“We strive to bring happiness to people’s lives by empowering them through education. This is an excellent opportunity for us to better understand the Korean education market, and to network in Korea,” said Emmie Tse Thomas, Knowji CEO and Co-Founder.

KOTRA ParticipantsParticipating are 150 global companies and over 70 global venture capitalists and angel investors, with 3000 Korean job seekers expected to attend. KOTRA is a South Korean government state-funded trade and investment promotion organization that is dedicated to creating new export markets, and supporting Korean companies expanding overseas.

“KOTRA is keen to invite education technology startups like Knowji because of the importance of education to Koreans, and the increasing role technology is playing in the classroom,” said Joong-Hun Kwon, KOTRA Managing Director.

KOTRA Emmie ThomasKnowji currently offers a set of 14 vocabulary apps sold in the App Store, and Apple has featured three of them. The apps cover test prep for SAT®, PSAT®, GRE®, and TOEFL®, and general English vocabulary development. The apps are based on scientifically proven methodologies and present vocabulary words at specifically timed intervals to ensure maximum memory retention. Each word and its example sentence are illustrated with cartoons and a story-like format to increase user interest. Using adaptive learning technology, the apps help students learn more in less time and “make learning easy, engaging, and highly effective.  It is also what sets us apart from all the other apps,” Thomas said.

Teachers and students alike are using Knowji apps with great successes.  Denise Waite, Teacher from Bayside High School, Florida said, “I used Knowji with my ELL students – they LOVED it!  If you’re looking for an app that will motivate your students, then you have found it!”

Knowji will build on the success of its current suite of vocabulary apps with a release scheduled later in 2014 of its next-generation product: a Common Core aligned English language learning system that will drastically reduce the time required for ESL learners to learn English, which includes basic vocabulary and grammar.  “Being an immigrant from Hong Kong myself, I really understand the challenges of ESL learners, and we look forward to the opportunity to release our products in Korea,” added Thomas.

About Knowji

Knowji is a mission-based education technology company based in Silicon Valley that helps people learn more in less time. We are passionate about education and believe anyone can learn if given the right tools.  Our vocabulary apps have been featured by Apple, and used in almost every country in the world. We combine scientifically proven methodologies with entertaining content to create a thoroughly engaging and effective learning platform. Learn more at Read CEO’s tips to improve vocabulary.    

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