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If you’re looking for an app that reaches all types of learners, Knowji has you covered. With pictures, synonyms, antonyms, sentence examples and more, children will pick up new words quickly.

Monica Burns, Apple Distinguished Educator, K12 Teacher, New York

I am finding that I am letting my students out late from class as we are getting so wrapped up in the vocabulary and they don’t want to leave! Some have even started coming in to see me at lunchtime to do follow up lessons! It’s SO awesome to see! I will definitely be using your Knowji apps next year.

Denise Waite, Teacher, Florida

Knowji, thank you so much for bring this app to us! I am an English teacher and admire the originality and method of learning the spelling and definitions of words. I have 3 of your apps now for myself and I encourage all my students to buy this app as they are studying for the SATs. Knowji, you are a life-saver. It’s great to have a program of learning that’s not only individualized, but makes learning fun!

Mandy Barber, English Teacher, San Jose, California

The student that I have been using it with is a student who has difficulty reading. The student is in 4th grade, but reads at a 1st grade level. We used the “Knowji Vocab 3” app to learn words. This has greatly increased his knowledge of words that are appropriate for his grade level. He can give me lots of details and examples of how each of the words is used, mostly due to the great pictures and examples on the app. He also loves seeing his words turn green and showing how many he has learned.

Jessica S., Elementary School Teacher, Alaska

The Knowji SAT Top 500 app is excellent for my students. I love it.

Mr. Toby Lee, Education Director of Nationwide Masters Tutoring and Test Prep, New York City, New York

I highly recommend Knowji Vocap apps to all parents and students. My 11 year old daughter learned 500 words in one week and had fun doing it.

Patrick Yang, Palo Alto, California

Thank you so much for creating all these vocabulary apps because they have helped me learn a lot of vocabulary. I am using Knowji Vocab 7 and 8. They are easy to learn and understand with the cartoons and the multiple choice quiz really helps to test my memory. Knowji Vocabulary apps are the best vocabulary building app out there!

Christina L., 13-year-old student, Hong Kong

The best SAT vocab-learning app I’ve ever used. I learned new words at an incredibly fast pace, faster than I thought I would learn, and faster than just using flash cards. The exercises help students learn in all different ways! I recommend this app to everyone to use, it’s wonderful investment to learn words not just for the SAT, but for everyday use. I feel so much more prepared for the SAT Critical Reading section, and more knowledgeable in general! Thanks Knowji!

Kelly C., High School Junior at Castro Valley High School, California

A great app that is fun and addictive.  It actually delivers on its promise.  I’ve learned 600 words in 12 weeks.  Highly recommended!

Shaila Saif., Mountain View, California

The app is great preparation for the SAT. It provides a fun and easy way to learn and review vocabulary words. I’ve expanded my vocabulary by using the words I’ve learned on a daily basis.

Inez Paraiso., Palo Alto, California

The app is easy to use and it truly works.  While studying thousands of words can be intimidating, the way this app is set up, it helps you gradually learn words and remember them without stressing you out.

Melissa F., Cupertino, California

These folks have proven that learning doesn’t have to be boring.  This is the most fun way of learning vocab words I have ever come across.  I’m glad someone finally made something like this.

Abhijit Sharma., Chicago, Illinois

Knowji is a must-have for business when working with high-stake clients.

Christopher Lipp, Executive Speech Coach and Area Governor of Toastmasters Int'l

I love the pictures and the characters. In one week, I learned 100 words and memorized the definitions verbatim.

Lauren Goodkind, Menlo Park, California

I love Knowji. The SAT Top 500 app helped improved my verbal SAT score by 70 points in just two weeks.

Lauren, Pleasanton, California

I highly recommend Knowji’s SAT Top 500 app to all students taking the SAT exam. In just two weeks of studying the Top 500 Words vocabulary list, my daughter learned 100 words and her verbal SAT score improved by 70 points for the Reading section If she had more time to study, I’m confident it would have gone up even more because she found it to be a very interesting way to learn new words.

Mary, Pleasanton, California

A fantastic app! It’s way easier than using hand-written flashcards, and I actually learn and remember the words better because the program tailors itself to my personal learning needs.

Danielle Foster, Cupertino, California

I had lots of fun using Knowji – so much so that I found myself wanting to study in my spare time! Aside from having fun, I learned a lot of new vocabulary words.

Melissa Y., Livingston, New Jersey

Knowji has made learning and reviewing SAT vocabulary into a really fun game. Spending only 10 minutes a day, I learn 50 words in a week.

Ashley Yu., Binghampton, New York

Through Knowji, my 8 year old son’s spelling has improved and I notice his confidence has improved too. Thank you, Knowji!

Yee Yip, New York City, New York

An amazing learning tool! I can’t believe I can learn 100 words in a week. The app is fun and easy to use.

Alice C., Livingston, New Jersey

I really applaud the founders of Knowji for their WONDERFUL product and the DIFFERENCE that they are making in education. I really wish I had an app like Knowji when I was studying for the SAT! I’m using the Knowji apps now to brush up on my vocabulary for the GMAT, and the apps are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocio Lopez., Mountain View, California